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us out right now on the website. >> cloudy day turned into a dreary, rainy night. not the best night for baseball. will the rain cause problems for you when you wake up? mike has the first look at tonight's weather. what's on tap? >> reporter: it's going to be another cloudy situation. the same into tomorrow. even had a little snow in western maryland. season changing it up. here is what's going on downtown. things dry but it's chilly out there and we will look at radar and again you do note that scattered showers are starting to move in. along old frederick road. a good rain. that's heading for randalls town and along fall's road just outside, just southwest -- you will be dealing the spotty showers, here is what the look at radar. spotty showers through the course of tonight. look at temperatures, 15 in town. you go just outside the beltway. 45 frederick and 50s over the eastern shore. easton at 50. temperatures mildler than in comparison to last night. 24 hour temperature change. four degrees warmer. that's okay. 44 degrees through the course of the overnight back up to 56 tomorro
. the sky is the limit for us. we challenged ourselves this year. tons of expectations among us. we knew we had it in us. we're going to continue to work hard. this off season is going to be great and we're going to be ready next year. >> reporter: also in the clubhouse, pier anglos the owner of the orioles. >> he gave a warning to the yankees. >> for a long time you ladies and gentleman have stressed frequently there was talk about a with respect with to how we produced on behalf of the fans. i hope this is an indication that we mean business and in the future you can depend on this kind of a performance and hopefully much better. as far as the local team here is concerned, i just want to tell them we'll be back next year. they better get ready for us. >> reporter: a lot of young talent on this team. we talked to the fans after the game. >> unbelievable year. the best year of my life. i was born in '93. i don't remember '97. i bare ly ly remember cal. best year ever. >> if you said this in april or may i would have laughed at you. they played over their heads all year. they pushed the righ
rogs wyatt everhart joins us now. >> the prosections -- projections still bringing it right up the coast. this hurricane is strengthening and then crossing over cuba and -- tonight. winds to 80 miles an hour. that say strong category 1. then we think it will briefly weaken and restrengthen to a cat one before becoming a nor'easter situation. that's not going to happen until early next week but this storm is coming awfully close to the east coast. more on this coming up. looking at 70 degrees tomorrow now to the comments in connection with the vote on same sex maryland. >> a pastor said people who engage in homosexual behavior are worthy of death and so are the people who support them. >> kelly, tonight the head on a group opposing same sex marriage says anyone trying to create a controversy over this issue is distracted from the issue. >> you can see pastor robert anderson sitting on the right of your screen at a town hall meeting earlier this month. he quotes the bible when he says. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. not only do the same but watch th
won't remind us that irene isabel. >> this is what the storm looks like from the international space station. you have to wonder is the storm coming our way. >> he's tracking the storm all week. a closer look at the storm. >> sandy is getting closer and closer to the united states, getting close to the coast here. winds to 90 miles an hour. still a very powerful 1 hurricane. we're seeing a little weakening in the last three hours. potent storm, winds moving in the northwest at 11:00. it's not so much what they are doing right now, what she will do as she rockets up the east coast in the next 2-3 days. as we approach the time frame, as we expect sandy to curve around the north carolina coast, but in addition to that, in carrying some jet stream energy likely that this storm will increase in strength in wind, field and size. perhaps a bigger storm once sandy gets to the carolinas. and break down into the move in the mid-atlantic. >>> another one, going in our direction. some of you are not taking any chances. >> after storms blew, high and dry. and someone came until now to be prepared
is not quite done. >> they have asked us to evacuate and moved our furniture to another floor. >> reporter: there fliers provide solutions and if not tow trucks stand ready. it is hardly a surprise and people he'd warning and hope to for best. >> it flooded this morning and they are anticipating it will be 1-2 feet higher because of the full moon and winds and runoff. we will keep your fingers cross and hope no one gets hurts and no damage. >> reporter: that tidal surge never came by and they were dry a couple hours ago and it is dry now. >> brian, you have a shot at peoria point, the shot in there sent $60,000 on isabel because she didn't follow the car rule. how many followed tonight? >> reporter: there are no cars down here. >> if the sich wawingtuations changes we will be the first to tell you. >> view video on the city docks in annapolis. the water swelled and leaked over the wall and took the town over. stores here in downtown have high water marks and this one won't erase the memory or the mark of isabel. there is some damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding.
>> seven angels, two are watching over us in this building because we've been blessed. >> it was one of baltimore's darkest hours. hope thanks to the family. >> it's cooling down in a big way. we have a warming trend coming up. and before the progressive girl that was howl cats on tv, why the king of insurance has them shut down by the state. >> i think it should last at least a year. >> why your mail and rebate card to change. >> you remember where you were 10 years ago, the dawson family died when their home was fire bombed. >> we saw the bodies with their mom and dad brought out. >> how the darkest hour is remembered in light. >> reporter: this center opened five years ago where the family of 7 were killed. we saw the children in the ten year anniversary. spoke up and spoke very loudly about the city's continued crime. a center full of children, 35 to be exact, stands where the dawson family lives and where they died. >> this was a tragedy that touched people internationally. >> reporter: ten years ago, the efforts of mrs. dawson to stop the drug dealing backfired a
that works for you. now, abc 2news at 11. >> this back -- the red sox beat us up for years. >> it's a suite feeling, the orioles in the playoffs, find out why they took the long way to tampa. >> and a place where it's christmas already and you will understand why in september people are already in that giving spirit. . and officer see this report you will put rubber gloves on the kid husband send them to school. the news at 11 starts right now. >>> we get to say the orioles are going to the playoffs. the angels losing the orioles have a playoff spot. >> yes! . >> they still have three games left but getting was tricky. >> officials saw smoke in the kitchen area of their chartered plane. the pilot decided to land in jacksonville. everybody is safe. the team boarded a while ago on their way back to tampa. the boys of summer are now the boys of fall. the orioles win all three against the boston red sox this weekend. the last home stand of the regular season. >> >>> how do you feel? >> so excite. >> reporter: last year they spoiled boston's playoff hopes but there was no revenge
. made it very difficult for us to get in. >> firefighters are still out there putting out hot spots throughout the morning. throughout the afternoon, investigators are able to start looking for a cause. >>> its been a year since a man was found dead floating in the back river. police are still, still trying to identify him. this, what you're looking at now it a forensic stretch of the man. an autopsy, dna and fingerprints haven't turned up an id. it's up to you to help. if you can call county police, here's the number. >>> search is on tonight for the man who attacked 21-year- old woman while he was jogging on a popular maryland trail. it happened last night along the trail in montgomery county. the victim was seen, she stopped to let deer cross the path. police say her attacker hit her from behind and sexual assaulted her. the victim woke up in the bushes. >> was able to get back on the trail, and thankfully, a 40- year-old male jogger was passing by, assisted her. >> now police have a limited description of the attacker. all we know is described as a white male in his tow and wear
is in store forethink forecast. can you tell us what's on tap for tonight? >> absolutely. take a look at the temperatures out there now and you can see mid60s. mid60's, are the story right now. high temperatures today, were much warmer. we ended up in many spots pushing getting to 80 degrees, 81 in shady side. 80 chesapeake beach. 78 rock hall. so clouds continue to clear out under a generally clear sky, clearing out over the upper midwest. this is the dry, year weather headed our wake hour by hour. we will look for nice improvement, 80 by midday but down to 57, that's a fairly cool start in the morning. maybe justice lated patch or two of fog. talk act the big change for sunday coming up. >> new tonight police have identified the body of a woman found over the weekend. volunteers found her while they were clearing up lincoln park in west baltimore and her name mary tisdell. she went missing two weeks ago from her assisted living facility. she died of exposure. >>> justin gormon spending the night in jail. the supervisor thought one of his workers had overpaid for a load. what he did
. this crowd, i tell you what, they are going to throw us up in the air. the orioles lead it 3-1. it is an unbelievable experience here, guys. >> let's go o's. >> here we go. the first cheer in post season for the orioles since 1997. who needs a seat at glory days? come on in. >> following the orioles this far into the season is nice. >> elbow to elbow for the first run in the first inning. a wild card game in the playoffs just what he expected when he brought back the turf and baseball from spring training. >> got three baseballs. when we went down to sarasota in february. my friend and i. we got them when they hit them over the fence. >>> he has been here for good luck. bars in the baltimore area rely on the ravens for business. now they are going to bat for the orioles. glory days opened here ten years ago. you better believe this crowd is part of the magic. >> sales have been up 10 to 15%. wednesday night we saw it tonight we're seeing it. from here on out, the further they make it, the better it gets. >> we lost a generation of kids to this. they have experience of winning
mean for us. >> when the black friday comes, you'll stake your claim. >> breaking news tonight out of northwest baltimore, police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting. >> that's near west bevel deer avenue. the shooting happened around 9:00 tonight. the vie leapt crimes task force was patrolling the area when they heard shots. they went to question a man and he opened fire and officers fired back and hit the man. >> the search is on for a man who sexual lay assaulted a student on notre dame university. . >> they are taking precautions to reassure had students. >> police have no suspects tonight notre dame students say they were frightened by the news and will be more careful. >> it happened early monday morning knoller dame officials say a student was leaving the campus library when a man approached her with a knife. >> she was sexually assaulted. >> a sexual assault and a suspect still out there. shocking news for students on the campus. >> i go to the library all the time by myself and i was freaked out. >> the freshman was caulking home the night after the a
. the organization released the release the names of more than 1000 suspected child molesters use the service scout leaders and volunteers. >> the documents -- 20 years. emily explains what the papers tells us and what is the skull did not sure the information. >>> the boy scouts are known for badges of merit, but for use lawyers argued the boy scout organization hit boxes of dishonor. more than 20,000 internal records of scoutmasters and volunteers accused of inappropriate conduct with boys. now those files are public. >> secret systems are where it breeds. these secrets are out. >> the so-called perversion files covering 1965 to 1985 were released with the approval of the supreme court after a case of against the boy scouts. the boy scouts of america fought the release of the record saying confidentiality and encourage people to report suspicious behavior and protected victims. the victims names were removed, but the alleged -- winning. the release of files from after 1985. the attorneys in that case expect the scouts to appeal the order. >>> if you are continuing to fight the release of more rec
. we can always look to the field to see ray give us the sign that he's got it. a look on the score board for a face that says this is our game. >> the guys that are going to be playing are the same ways who stepped in and played last year. those guys played a lot of football and we have a lot of confidence in those guys. >> reporter: he's been the heart and soul for so long, leave your legacy to make the effort. effort is between you and you. this may be his final dance in the 4th quarter yesterday, but don't dare doubt the man. he will work to come dancing out of that tunnel next year. >>> what do you think this means for ray lewis and for the team. sound off right now on our facebook page at if looks like police are making progress in the investigation of a man killed in northeast baltimore. christian schaffer is standing by. >> police have released a surveillance photo that appears to show two people running from the scene of the crime. investigatelers hoping the photo -- investigators are hoping the photo might lead to an arrest. ♪[ music ] >> reporter
. >> it had been fun up until the 9th when they gave us the home run to tie the game. the orioles have been so good in extra innings all year long. before the game, at six, we talked about who you think might be big, and i said jim tomey. he's up this inning. >> up until the 9th inning this crowd was like -- >> the new york public library. it was quiet in there. what a night of baseball we're watching. >> reporter: fans, what you did on monday and tuesday set the tone. no way did this yankee crowd come close to a fever pitch. what a road trip it's been for miguel gonzalez. he's on baseball's biggest stage with his california high school coach sitting in the stands. >> i'm fired up watching him and talking to him earlier today. it's special. >> reporter: lots of orange in the stands. one man couldn't find the words. because he doesn't speak english. he's >> well i hope he gets the win tonight. again we're tied up 2-2 in the top of the 12th inning. it's been an the creedable night. -- thecreedablee night. -- incredible night. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed here. >>> for everything orioles
started to roll. what his mom is doing. >> reporter: preston's mom is using social media to gain support. she created a page and is working on a nonprofit group for victims of bullying. watch what happened when her son tried to make his case public. preston decided to make his fight with bullies public. his case became more credible. >> the student came up to me and pushed me out of the way and said what are you recording? the student was chasing me and all of the friends were chasing me and then -- i ran and got some help. >> reporter: the teen said the incident on tape is nothing compared to what happened last week. >> student tackled me and i responded punching him back to stand up for myself. >> reporter: he was suspended. now his mom is using her power. she started a facebook page called stop bullies support preston. she wants to create a support group for victims and a place for parents to learn how to handle the bullies. >> i'm hoping now that they take this more seriously than what they have had. >> reporter: the school system wants students to report bullying, not fight back.
but most of that activity has stayed to the south down the virginia way and a couple of showers north of us into pennsylvania. take a look at the temperatures. it's still warm this is early octobero. we are talking near 80 in the inner harbor. 76dc. again the humidity readings up around 70 on the dew point number. we are watching for fog. we are seeing visibility cut by half in york. again this fog that we expect to be more patchy, not so much the widespread dense fog of last night. that's the overnight situation, some patchy fog to deal with. we will talk about the big change by sunday. >> all right. new tonight, we have a teen in shock trauma right now after falling off a roof. it happened this evening in cecil county. we don't know how the 15-year- old is doing or how high up he was when he fell. >>> you know traffic on the beltway can be bad any day but add a new twist today. the outer loop became a makeover delivery room around 8:00 this morning mom and dad were on their way to the hospital when their little boy decided i'm not going to make it to the hospital. firefighters, paramedic
. inside that unit installing a camera which he used to videotape the two women who live here. this was not the only home he broke into. >> there were two additional unidentified women on the tape. and they were clearly in it a different residence not related to this first resident. stolen a key from one of the women, made a copy and returned the original. there was no forced entry into the home. under those circumstances an alarm system would have kept him out. >> you want to detect who comes in, get them out and notify the proper authorities. and then the person who lives there as well. >> modern systems can include surveillance cameras that send video to your smart phone. and the systems can be portable so you'd be able to use it even in a rented apartment or condo like the one police say michael had been entering and leaving for the past several months. >> it's a wireless system you can take with you. if you move on you can take the system with you and have it reinstalled at the next place you go to. >> reporter: tonight, michael is charged with multiple counts of burglary
gets reported immediately. >> now we use an interactive system where we see the information as soon as it is entered. >> the maryland transportation authority police may have to shut down the bay bridge. >> we have a wind warning that will go to a restriction and if they get over 55 miles per hour, there will be no traffic across the bridge in effect. >> reporter: yeah, over 55 miles per hour and the bay bridge could get shut down. you're looking at a map that shows power outages across the state and it is primarily in the green. that is good news at this point. that means most people have power and this is one thing state employees will be monitoring as we go throughout the storm. the governor told us the storm is very dangerous. he wants everyone to stay off the rows on monday. there is no bus service, no state government in operation, no trains running and certainly a reason to stay put and let sandy come through. cheryl connor, abc2news. >>> thank you. >>> let's take it down to ocean city right now. everybody that is traveling over the bridge and see what we see every summer and
was shot around 10:00 tonight in the 6300 block of fair lawn avenue. that's all police have to tell us tonight. we're going to bring you much more as we continue to get it in and also on webb. >>> anne arundel county authorities have identied a man who died after a fight in brooklyn park. nick gillman senior died at the hospital friday. police were called to the 6000 block of ritchie highway for a report of an assault. the victim was fighting with the the man. police are still investigating tonight. >>> the deadly outbreak of meningitis is quickly spreading. at least 27 more people have gotten sick. that brings the total number to 91. 7 people have died. tonight the massachusetts company that has made the steroid is recalling every product it makes in an abundance dance of caution. >> reporter: the pharmacy at the center of the outbreak announced a voluntary recall of every product it makes saying this action is being taken out of an abundance of caution due to the potential risk of contamination. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: the number of meningitis patients jumping today from 64 to 91
don't think that is. >> reporter: the local never dealt with funding. >> they never asked us. >> reporter: they are hearing the economy is changing the course and more organizations and causes. >> search for the cure is going to go on and if we slow down the money, it slows down the work. >> reporter: so the national wants to separate from the local. >> we need people to register and start team and e-mails for donations and feel comfortable to spread the word. >> reporter: the biggest concern is that they have been there for you and now they need you. >> we are not going away. >> tomorrow, abc 2 is waking for you. we want to pay for mamgrams for women and you will be able to call tomorrow and sign up and sign up for the race that is a week from today. there is a 5k and a 1 mile family fun walk. we will be live with coverage from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. you can head to our website for all the information. >>> let talk football, after a come back it looked like the ravens were trying to give the ball away. we beat them 31-29 at emt stadium. and from one kind of football to another, w
that could last in our area for several days. cheryl connor joins us. those preps are under way and you have a big pile of sand. >> reporter: we do. people have been digging at this pile of sand all day. the city is giving it out for free and they want to help prepare for sandy. tonight we caught up with a family that is all-too familiar with losing power. you might get a w ideas on what to do before sandy comes in on sunday. >> yes. the boone family showed us around their home. this time they will not be caught off guard. >> we're fully expecting the power to go out and probably be out for several days. >> we started in the basement where the sump pump. when the power goes out we have 12 hours worth of sump pump. >> he took us outside where he was on the ladder with a leave blower. >> whenever we get a heavy rain, if we don't keep the gutters clean it could role into the foundation. they could be one of several hundred thousand customers to lose power during sandy. firewood is handy. >> they are planning 2,000 crews from 8 states will role into baltimore soothe afternoon, t sandy may not ro
these words of prayer comfort all of us as we have been reminded we know our friends are with the lord. >> she was late coming down for the bus and i asked her why and she said i had to get my bag. then she gave me a hug. she said i love you mrs johnson and i said i love you to and that was the last time. >> reporter: tonight they try to console each other, mothers hold their children a little tighter and friends still do not understand why. . >>> in northeast baltimore. >> investigators still don't know what caused the fire. it started just after 2:00 this morning. ten people were inside at the time. only five made it out safely. some of those who did get out had to jump 20 feet to the ground. neighbors say that a 19-year- old threw her 2-month-old out of a window. witnesses says one man's clothe was on fire. >> everybody just thinking like why everybody couldn't get everybody out of the house. last thing my grandmother said -- she was in the room with all the kids and nobody could get them out. >> it took firefighters two hours to put the flames out. they found smoke detectors bu
, the new tools thieves are using to break into your hotel room. abc 2 news at 11 starts right now. >>> one month ago police told us a baltimore man died from taking drugs and witnesses stepped forward with a different story and they said he died from blunt force trauma while in custody. >> reporter: three baltimore city police officers are on paid leave but unless they are arrested and fired, the family will protest on the 21st of every month. >> 6, 7, 8, 9. >> reporter: a number for every day since anthony anderson died in east baltimore. his mom says he was on his way to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. >> and they killed him on her 2 2nd birthday. she'll never forget it. >> reporter: anderson's mom was surrounded by his five children and three grandchildren sunday marking one month when he died from a con confrontation with police. but she says she witnessed her son coming out of a corner bar before he was approached. >> they hit my son over the head and threw him down on the ground. then they started kicking. >> reporter: eleven days following his death, a report by the medical
will hit levels we've not seen since '72. we were spared the biggest surge that moved north of us, like we hoped would happen. we are in the heaviest rain of the storm that will create tremendous flooding concerns, even for the susquehanna. you can see the winds, huge gusts. the directions are changing. we were spared bay flooding because we had the blowout effect of the north-northwest winds. now the wind is turning southwest as sandy pushes north over the center of the state. the wraparound wind will allow the next set of high tide to have a bigger impact. sandy is going to sit here and meander around tomorrow. weakening slowly, but give you more rain, wind, and prevent much if any repair work to be done by power crews that are waiting in the wings, they will have the chance but it will not come until probably halloween. there will be tropical storm force winds until thursday. this high tide in the morning becomes more concerning as we lose the north wind that it was hoping to push the water out of the bay and a southwest wind will be bad for the eastern shore. one last look at the graph
. stores are looking for it. get your playoff gear. we want to see your pride. send us pictures of you and your family deked out in orange and sell grating the trip to the playoffs. send them to pics >>> if you went looking for cupcakes tonight, you were out of the loop. this is all about the coke phenomenal johnny cup cake. hundreds gathered for the cupcakes for the crib tour. there were a few suites on the menu. it is about the success of the johnny cup cake brand. they are selling limited edition shirts, and hats, he founded the company when he was 19. he sold t-shirts from the back of his truck and now is drawing crowds all over. >> if i could build this brand, if i could build this multi- million dollar t-shirt brand that started as a joke with a learning disability and with something as weird as cupcakes, i tell them they can do it with anything. >> johnny was voted business week best young entrepreneur. he is making 21 stops on his tour. >>> we have a traffic look for you tonight. here is abc2news. lauren cook. >> i'm lauren cook with the timesaver traffic rep
us that a man died from swallowing drugs. >> now a medical examiner's report says it's murder. >> jamie and kelly the report lists injuries to his ribs and spleen. three baltimore city officers are now on paid leave. >> reporter: following the his -- following his death it's been called police brutality. the 46-year-old had bluntfore injuries and his death is now ruled a homicide. on the evening of september 1 september 1st his family says he came out of a bar on bittal street when he was confronted by police. his mother, son, daughter, and two-year-old grand daughter was there. >> when hewe was telling them that tony was complaining of hurting and that he was just faking because he didn't want to go to jail, and that's not true. >> police confirmed that three officers are on paid leave and drugs were not a contributing factor to anderson's death. lice said he tried to swallow drugs. the family attorney said he will file a civil law suit claiming excessive force. >> people get taken down in the streets every day. they don't die. they don't have their spleens ruptured. >> repor
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